Can You Post to Instagram from Desktop? Easy New Hack!

Wondering if you can post to Instagram from the desktop?
NOW YOU CAN! Right in the Instagram mobile app, but on your computer.
Just released today, May 9, 2017: Instagram mobile site.
So, this means you can actually run the mobile app, and do everything you can do on your phone or tablet, right on your computer!
This info came to me from Martin of I tried it and it’s brilliant!
  1. Go to on Chrome browser.
  2. Open Developer Tools by pressing Control+Shift+I at the same time.
  3. Ignore all the code. Click the little mobile icon at the top.
  4. Above the Instagram site, click the word Responsive and choose a mobile device.
  5. Now you can do everything you can in the app, on your computer!
No worries on breaking any Instagram Terms of Use, because you’re not using any third-party tools.

10 Ways to Post to Instagram from Desktop with Scheduling

You can’t schedule Instagram posts without a third-party tool. But you have many options!
Just remember that Instagram doesn’t allow uploads via their API, so these are workarounds. Check them out to see which will work best for you.
The Instagram desktop methods below fall into 3 groups:
  • Schedulers that let you set up your posts and send you a reminder on your phone.
  • Schedulers that set up your posts and then post for you via mobile devices or emulators.
  • Emulators that allow you to post right on your desktop.
Of these, the first group is definitely sanctioned by Instagram because you do the actual posting from your own device.
The second group is not sanctioned by Instagram and could possibly get your account closed – though three of them have told me it’s never happened.
The third group is probably okay with Instagam. I can’t guarantee it, though.
There are 3 more options if you just need to get stuff from your computer to your mobile device for posting. You’ll find those at the end of this post.
NOTE: Prices current at time of writing but are subject to change.

Why Would You Want to Use One of These Instagram Tools?

Instagram was created as a share-the-moment social media network. Its intention was sharing moments as you’re experiencing them. But it’s evolved and expanded as new communities have come to love Instagram. With these tools:
  • Brands can keep a constant and cohesive presence.
  • Photographers can easily post dSLR photos from their computer.
  • Designers can use their favorite desktop tools and share on IG.
  • Videographers can edit on desktop and share directly to Instagram.
  • The visually creative can plan a kick-ass profile page.

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